Artist Statement: Monoprints

In my monoprints I play with shapes, colours and textures to make a composition that is appealing. I love the saturation of the ink colours; they become richer and deeper as they dry.  I repurpose found materials to make my prints: man-made objects like plastic netting and natural materials like feathers. I make prints because I love the anticipation that builds with every step and the surprise at the end. The design is conceived, the materials arranged, the ink is loaded, and the plate is carried with two hands like an offering to the bed of the press. The cotton paper is laid gently on top, then newsprint, then thick felt blankets are smoothed over, like tucking in a small child. I have a silent wish for the artwork to turn out amazing as I roll it under a thousand pounds of pressure and meet it on the other side. There is a moment of suspense when I peel back all the layers of blankets and paper to see my creation reborn as a print! Like a new human, it has its own personality that nobody could have predicted with 100% accuracy. It is called a monoprint, because it is unique; only one print of that image can be made. I feel grateful to witness my art have a life of its own, as I show it to the world.